Man recovers from covid, East Missoula searches for his lacking cat

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EAST MISSOULA – Many pets are disappearing from their homes, but not every day dozens join in looking for them.

The East Community comes together to reunite a cat with its sick owner.

Kathy Jo Perkins said, “It’s pretty incredible, but that doesn’t surprise me for this community, it’s a tightly knit community.

According to her, owner Bill Pederson is recovering from Covid in the hospital after spending days in intensive care.

Now she said he was doing better. “He’s been taken from the intensive care unit, he’s been transferred, he’s doing really well.”

She said he recently drove to the emergency room himself following an illness.

“They were out camping, he felt sick and he finally got to a point where he was in dire straits.”

That was about a week ago. Since then, his beloved cat Peach Dragonfoot has been missing.

“He rescued this kitten from a ditch in Texas in June last year. She had a broken leg and other injuries and was practically on the doorstep of death. With his limited resources, he took her to the vet and nursed her back to health,” and she have practically saved themselves. “

Perkins said that although she never met Bill, he remained friends with her sister for life. So she wants to help find peach.

“My main goal is to make sure Bill and Peach are reunited.”

She has been searching the area for days and spends countless hours after work hoping to find her.

“I just hope someone saw them and can keep an eye on them.”

Perkins also set up a cat bed and stretcher in a neighbor’s yard.

“I asked a few people who were outside or walking down the alley.”

That’s not all she did. Perkins travels East Missoula hoping to get the word out, and posts these flyers in nearby stores to get people’s attention.

“We think peach is still out here in the same area,” she said.

Countless others help find, share photos and videos online.

Perkins says all of these efforts are to reunite the cat with its owner.

You are everything for each other.

You can call Tammy Cunningham at (406)544-9021 when you find Peach.