Man banned from keeping animals for life after leaving cats to starve to death

Fortunately, Abbarth survived her ordeal and has since found a new home

Christian Van Souwe, 55, was killed when he appeared before Dudley Magistrates Court on Nov.

Concerns about the welfare of three cats had been raised at Van Souwe’s house on Hartlebury Road, Oldbury.

Abbarth, a female black and white cat, was found alive but emaciated – while two others, Homer and Azrael, were found dead.

RSPCA inspector Vicki Taylor, who was investigating for the animal welfare charity, said, “Black foam mats were seen in the vomit that Abbarth handed over. The irregular edges and bite marks in the foam suggest that the pieces were chewed off from a larger foam mat, the material of which is inedible and has no nutritional value.

“It is possible that this material was ingested due to a lack of alternative food sources.

“Veterinary findings from all three cats confirmed that the owner was inadequate nutrition, leading to the emaciation of Abbarth and the deaths of Homer and Azrael from starvation and starvation diseases.

“Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, it is the duty of the person responsible for an animal to ensure that its welfare needs are met, including its need for appropriate nutrition and its need to be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease.

“The suffering of these cats could have been avoided if the owner had taken reasonable steps to ensure that the cats were offered fresh food and water every day.”

To mitigate this, it was said that Van Souwe had mental health problems and that his partner suffered from an illness and was in the hospital.

In addition to the 10-week suspended sentence, he was ordered to conduct up to 24 days of rehabilitation activity and pay a cost of £ 500 and a sacrifice surcharge of £ 115. He cannot appeal his five-year lifelong suspension.

Abbarth has since recovered and found a new home from the RSPCA.

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