Man Accused of Stealing Canine From Automotive Arrested, ID’d by Cambridge Police – NBC Boston

A Boston man is arrested after allegedly stealing a dog from a parked car in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Police said the suspect broke into a car parked on Memorial Drive shortly after noon on Friday and stole the 13-month-old white German short-haired pointer.

The man has been identified as Kyle Gariepy, 29, and is charged with alleged theft, break-in and intrusion.

Gariepy returned to the area where the dog was reported stolen on Saturday afternoon, police said. A local reporter at the scene discovered the animal, spoke to Gariepy and notified the police.

The dog was in good health, police report.

Cambridge police had released surveillance photos of a man leading the dog over Boston University Bridge to Boston. The pictures of the dog matched reports wearing an orange collar with the name Titus on it.

Police were able to identify and locate the suspect and reunited the dog with its owner on Saturday.

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