Main Biden Receives Particular Coaching To Put together For New Household Cat

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The Bidens get a cat that they can bring to the White House along with the pups Champ and Major

President Joe Biden made an important announcement this week, and no, it wasn’t about jobs or the economy or something called a pandemic. The first family has a cat! The President and First Lady Jill Biden shared the news with TODAY show co-host Craig Melvin, saying that an adoptive cat is just “waiting in the wings” to make its White House debut.

There hasn’t been a cat in the White House since the Bush administration, so the news should cheer cat fans. But there’s someone who might not be that excited about the upcoming addition: the Bidens dog Major, who’s already had a little trouble adjusting to his new digs. The puppy earned a trip back to Delaware after its first biting incident at the White House earlier this year. Then he returned and immediately squeezed a second person.

Still, Biden said in an interview that Major was a popular presence in the White House. “All he does is lick her and wag his tail,” explained Biden. Who could hold a small bite here and there against such a happy dog?

“85 percent of the people there love him,” said Biden. The other 15 percent, I suppose, are just cold and dead inside.

“She’s waiting in the wings,” said First Lady Jill Biden of a cat joining the White House.

– TODAY (@TODAYshow) April 30, 2021

Nevertheless, Major was eventually sent to special training to get him used to his new situation together with his older dog brother, Champ. The two apparently did well enough to be brought back to DC and so far it appears Major has had no problems – there have been no further reports of biting incidents. And since the Bidens say the training took place in a facility with cats, they believe that their canine son is now well prepared to welcome a cat into the family.

I just hope the Bidens realize that getting a third pet now makes Major the equivalent of a middle kid – and we know what these are like (I’m one, so I can say that). Someone could potentially get upset if this poor guy feels like they need a little extra attention the moment a new pet is around. Major’s many fans, however, are ready to forgive him for any wrongdoing.

Major Biden didn’t go wrong and this is a preemptive tweet apology for everything he does to the Biden cat

– Molly Jong-Fast🏡 (@MollyJongFast) April 30, 2021

Let’s just hope that Major’s snappy paths are really behind him and that he turns out to be the big big brother of his new kitty sister. In any case, he’s still the best good boy in my book.