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Alyssa Ridenour

Pet care can be vital to your pet’s health, and Madison Veterinary Clinic offers some of the best-trained snow groomers on the market. By working directly with the veterinarian, they have access to your pet’s medical history and health status. This enables them to better care for the animals in their care.

The team consists of Sheila Martin, Jennifer Reed and Christy Killingsworth-Mansouri. The three are designed for pets with diabetes, epilepsy, skin conditions, and more. They are also prone to aggressive pets that places like PetSmart wouldn’t normally accept. In addition, they will be trained to identify new conditions and ailments that may affect your pet, such as skin conditions, worms, infections, and more.

The team will cut nails, bathe, trim the fur, and alert the vet of any medical issues. In addition to grooming dogs, they also take care of cats. Some cats with longer coats may be prone to dulling from feces and other substances that can become entangled in the coat.

With a total of 51 years of experience, the Madison Veterinary Clinic’s nursing team is equipped and ready to take on any nursing assignment. Madison Veterinary Clinic is located at 119 SW Old US 90 in Madison and can be contacted at (850) 973-6936. You can also visit their website at

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