Mabel the West Bridgford cat back home after spending three weeks in a neighbour’s shed!

A family from West Bridgford celebrates the return of their beloved cat – after being trapped in a neighborhood shed for three weeks!

Mabel had been missing for eight days when The Wire first shared her story on October 13, and despite concerted efforts by family, friends, and neighbors to track her down, there have been no positive sightings since the time since she was last The times it was seen was fourth week old.

On Tuesday evening, however, the family received the long-awaited call – with the astonishing news that they had been found just a few streets away by a local woman who wanted to clean up her garden before winter.

Mabel back home

Unsurprisingly, she had lost a lot of weight but was labeled “remarkably healthy” after an emergency visit to the vet and is now recovering at home – with the cat flap tightly closed for the foreseeable future!

The news of Mabel’s return has spread far and wide – an unknown congratulator has spread the news on some of the “missing” posters that the family had previously hung up (see picture), while a Facebook post has received over 1,000 reactions so far, over 100 commented on and shared on lost pets groups in Northern Ireland, Devon and Northumberland.

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The family were surprised by the response and attributed their interest to the positive message they send to anyone who has lost a pet – never give up hope of a safe return home. ”

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