Lucky the Black Cat Went From Being Abandoned to One of the Most Handsome Felines on Instagram

Lucky, the black cat with sunglasses

Courtesy luckykittylove / Instagram

Black cats are known to be majestic and mysterious – but impeccable style is what really sets Lucky the black cat (who goes on Instagram @luckykittylove) apart from the crowd. This green-eyed cutie had a tough start in life – but now you can catch him stunting hard on the gram and representing the cuteness of the black cat all year round (not just on Halloween). Lucky even perfected a signature look with dark tinted sunglasses that he proudly poses in front of the camera.

As fans of this furry cat, we just had to know … how did Lucky’s parents make him look SO 👏 DANG 👏 GOOD 👏 in his photos? We asked them for their tips and tricks to get the absolutely perfect photo of your cat and they emailed us their secrets.

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Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

DAILY PAWS: How did Lucky come into your life and why did you choose the name Lucky? Would you share his rescue story with us?

HAPPY PEOPLE: Lucky was one of the three known cats of his litter. His mother gave birth to him and his two other siblings in the summer of 2018. It was abandoned by the alleged first owner and dropped off in a dead end street in Florida in September. He was looked after by a good Samaritan for a short time before Lucky decided to leave his cat family. He was lost for an unknown time.

One morning, [we heard] cried on the outside and found the 7 week old kitten dehydrated and starved. [We] went out and saw young Lucky in his poor and helpless state … and brought him in and fed him. If the good Samaritan [who took care of him previously] When they found out what had happened, they were glad the kitten had found a home forever. Lucky got his name because it fit his story … he was abandoned, lost and then loved by his family forever.

The story goes on

DP: What do you enjoy most about having Lucky in your life and do you have any advice for people looking to add a cat into their family?

LEFT: Our favorite thing about having Lucky in our lives is that he helps make our day better. He’s always sitting or looking cute, which keeps melting our hearts. He loves to be petted especially on the ears and neck. Lucky has a lot of energy and lets you know that he wants to play with cute love nipples.

Our advice to bringing a pet into a family is to adopt a pet and secondarily introduce your pet to the area around your home. Also, speak in a nice tone so your pet learns to trust you. Praise goes far with animals!

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DP: When did you start dressing up Lucky and realize that he looks gorgeous with glasses on? How did he react the first time?

LEFT: We just started with bow ties and bandanas, then we added his little glasses. Now he likes to dress in cat shirts. Lucky likes to wear clothes as it keeps him calm and relaxed. He agreed to wear the glasses right away and even forgot that they were on his head. He loves the praise he gets from dressing up!

DP: Does Lucky have favorite costumes or accessories that he likes to wear?

LEFT: In any case, he likes to wear shirts that make him feel relaxed. We believe he actually feels cuddly with shirts on. Lucky is pretty good at wearing anything.

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DP: Why did you open an Instagram account for Lucky and do you have any tips for pet parents looking to turn their pets into social media stars?

LEFT: We started Lucky’s Instagram account as an online photo diary of his life. We met many cat friends and enjoyed the support and friendship of the COI community! Our tip for animal parents [who want to start a social media account] is to highlight an important trait of your pet and actively share that trait. Most of all, enjoy it, be real and you will attract your tribe!

DP: Do you have any tips and tricks for cat parents on how to get the perfect Instagram photo of their cat? How do you get Lucky to pose for photos?

LEFT: Taking a perfect photo takes time, patience and a lot of praise! Reward your cat with lots of praise and a treat every time. If your cat doesn’t cooperate, give her a few minutes. Give them time to discover new things while capturing their cuteness!

Lucky is happy to receive a lot of praise and the reward he receives during his photo session! He is always ready to participate and loves to discover new things!

DP: What does Lucky like to do when he’s not tinkering around for Instagram?

LEFT: Lucky loves to play! He’d rather play than eat or sleep! He’s known for snub his dinner to play with his smallest human!

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