Loving Singapore family adopts cancer-stricken dog, gives it love and care in final days of life | Life

The family with two young children adopted Shortbread to provide them with the best in palliative care. – Images via Instagram / SPCA Singapore

PETALING JAYA, June 29 – Shortbread, the bitch, had multiple canker sores and only a year or two left, but her troubled health didn’t stop a loving Singaporean family from giving the stray her permanent home.

Originally inducted by Singapore’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) last August, a family with two young children adopted the cancer-stricken pooch to provide the best palliative care.

SCPA Singapore recently visited Instagram to share Shortbread’s story and the friendly family who looked after them until their last breath.

The dog was pampered with long walks and nutritious meals, and showered with toys, pillows, and blankets.

Despite their poor health, Shortbread remained active and enjoyed eating and drinking under the care of a family who “loved” the dog.

“Although there was no cure for her illness, she spent the end of her life free from pain and stress, embodied in warmth and care,” wrote SPCA Singapore.

The nonprofit animal welfare organization also shared a touching suicide note from their young family member, who is still in elementary school.

The girl explained how she had wanted a different breed, but her family chose shortbread after discovering that the dog had cancer.

Shortbread was showered with love before she died. – Image via Instagram / SPCA Singapore

In her note, she provided colorful details about shortbread’s personality by eating a few buttons on the TV remote and having to take an x-ray after ingesting a protein bar.

The family held a simple but meaningful funeral for the bitch when she died.

Shortbread was covered in a blanket and fresh flowers, surrounded by treats like dog biscuits and jerky, as well as some toys.

“After all that has happened, her family saw shortbread only as a blessing as it taught them the invaluable experience of caring for an animal,” said SPCA Singapore.

The family hopes that other animal lovers will open their hearts to animals in need of intensive care as they “give so much love in spite of their conditions”.

SPCA Singapore has a care program for animals in need of intensive care, but keepers must be at least 10 years old and have plenty of time and dedication to spend most of the day with the animal.

Shortbread's young family member wrote a hearty farewell letter.  - Images via Instagram / SPCA Singapore
Shortbread’s young family member wrote a hearty farewell letter. – Images via Instagram / SPCA Singapore