Lorelai the service cat brings smiles to residents at Regina long-term care house

A furry resident of the Lutheran Regina Home helps the residents to remain sensitive to their paws.

Lorelai is a three year old cat and the star of Memory Lane, the area where she lives in the nursing home.

Crystal Massier, a community enrichment specialist at Eden Care – the company that operates the home – said there had been months of discussion about what type of animal companion should be brought into the home. As soon as they had decided on a cat, the search began.

When the adoption of a cat named Rosie failed, Massier said she listed Lorelai for adoption on the Regina Humane Society website.

“They put me in touch with the foster mother, and she also works in long-term care. So she immediately thought it would be a perfect fit for us,” said Massier.

“She got the ball rolling for us. And after about 30 minutes I had a cat ready.”

As a resident of the nursing home, Lorelai oversees the work on projects. (Submitted by Crystal Massier)

Lorelai finally arrived at the nursing home on October 29th and immediately started making friends.

“She really is a friend to anyone she meets, even co-workers. She is always ready to turn around and give you her belly so you can rub her in well,” said Massier.

Memory Lane resident Liliann Wilton said Lorelai was “very, very hot.”

“She’s good except for the time she came to my walker and she took all the little goodies out through the bars of the little basket and ate them. She ate everything in the bag,” Wilton said.

Lorelai recently had to leave the facility due to a COVID-19 outbreak. The Saskatchewan Health Authority asked the animals not to be in public places to ensure cross-contamination does not occur.

“We missed her. You keep looking for her and she’s not there,” Wilton said.

Fortunately for the residents, they were able to video chat with her while she was away. Lorelai came back to the nursing home last week.

“We’re glad to have her back with us,” said Wilton. “She is part of our family.”

Saskatchewan weekend14:10Cat love in a nursing home in Regina

Lorelai is a three year old cat who has made the residents of the Lutheran Regina Home smile these days. Hostess Shauna Powers learns more from Liliann Wilton, who lives in Memory Lane, and employee Crystal Massier. 14:10

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