Looking for the owner of this senior dog with several health issues

SPRINGFIELD, Mon. (KY3) – In today’s Leigh’s Lost and Found, our lost dog is an old man in need of some grooming.

Animal controls assume that the Australian Shepherd mix is ​​at least nine to ten years old and that they have several medical issues to deal with.

Shelter Coordinator Josh Doss says, “He’s got mange. Demedectic mange that resulted in some skin and ear infections that we all treat. Generally he’s just older and has some tumors, just common old dog diseases. “

Doss says these are likely just fatty tumors that many older dogs get.

Despite his rough appearance, he is a cute and happy dog. He was found at the Discovery Center in downtown Springfield near East St. Louis Street. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a collar, badge, or chip.

Josh says it was owned at some point, considering he kept it up for so long, but possibly his family couldn’t afford to treat his health problems.

If you recognize him, call Animal Control at 417-833-3592.

If you need to submit a lost or found animal, click the link below to go to the Leighs Lost and Found Facebook page.

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