Longtime Purdue Veterinary Medicine Business Office Staff Member Honored at Retirement

Friday, August 26, 2022

Account Clerk Lisa Wright with Business Manager Kathy Allen (left) and College of Veterinary Medicine Director of Financial Affairs Samantha McFarland, after receiving a glass baking dish engraved with the Continuum sculpture on the occasion of her retirement.

With a mixture of emotions, faculty and staff of the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine honored Lisa Wright, account clerk with the Veterinary Business Office, on the occasion of her retirement at a ceremony Wednesday, August 17. Lisa was recognized for 43 years of dedicated service to Purdue University, the last 16 of which were with the Department of Veterinary Administration.

“I hired Lisa in 2007 and I will have to say she is one of the best hires I have ever made,” said Business Manager Kathy Allen, as she began the ceremony in the Veterinary Medical Library, where well-wishers gathered to honor Lisa and express their appreciation for her years of service. “I myself have learned so much from Lisa, especially when it comes to sponsored programs,” Kathy explained. “She has become the college’s go-to person pertaining to sponsored programs.” Kathy noted that while Lisa specifically worked with the Department of Basic Medical Sciences and the IU School of Medicine – West Lafayette, she never hesitated to help out however she was needed. “So I think she has probably dealt with just about all of the faculty members in all of the departments. It will be extremely hard to fill her shoes, and I’m sure it will take someone time to build-up the knowledge that Lisa leaves with.”

Lisa receives well wishes from Dr.  Paul Robinson, Distinguished Professor of Cytometry and director of the Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories, and members of his laboratory team.Lisa receives well wishes from Dr. Paul Robinson, Distinguished Professor of Cytometry and director of the Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories, and members of his laboratory team.

Kathy then quoted from a message she had received from a faculty member after he heard that Lisa was retiring. “Lisa does so much for us, a new person cannot possibly capture all the things that Lisa does.” Kathy continued, “And that just goes to show you how much she was appreciated. Over the years that Lisa has worked here, she has gained respect from many faculty and staff members, graduate students, post-docs, and she has made everlasting friends. I wish her the best and hope she enjoys her retirement to the fullest. Thank you Lisa for everything. You will be missed.”

Dean Willie Reed also spoke and echoed Kathy’s sentiments. “Lisa, I discovered that you started at Purdue in 1979,” Dean Reed remarked. Noting that Lisa started in what is now called Sponsored Programs, Dean Reed explained that she then worked in a couple of other positions on campus before finding her way to the college of Veterinary Medicine. “So you’ve been with us 16 years,” Dean Reed observed. “So it took you 27 years to find us. The most important thing is that you did.” Dean Reed added, “I have always admired the fact that you are one of these unsung heroes who quietly goes about doing your job very well each and every day. Your commitment and dependability…has been just wonderful and I want to thank you on behalf of all the faculty and staff for all that you do.”

In honor of her years of service to the College of Veterinary Medicine and the IU School of Medicine – West Lafayette, Lisa received recognition gifts, including a commemorative glass baking dish with an etching of the Continuum Sculpture. Congratulations Lisa!

Kevin Dorr | pvmnews@purdue.edu

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