Long-Lost Beloved Cat Forbes Returns Home After Ten Years Missing

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A 12-year-old cat named Forbes migrated from her home in Aberdeen, Scotland ten years ago. Thanks to a microchip, Forbes is now back with his family, Neil and Lucy Henderson. Long ago they had given up hope of ever seeing their beloved pet again. Now they are “over the moon” and have made a “dream come true”.

“That is simply the best result for us. We never thought we would see him again, ”said Neil Henderson. “It’s like a closed chapter has just opened. It is a dream come true. “

(Images: SSPCA)

Forbes disappeared in 2011

In March 2011, Forbes went missing from the Aberdeen home and the family began a long search. As part of the effort, a friend made posters and they went door to door looking. While talking to neighbors, they even asked people to check their garages and sheds. But the kitten was nowhere to be seen.

Forbes, missing cat

Image via BBC News

“We had him as a kitten and we had such a special bond.” said Neil. “He was such a unique and kind character, we absolutely adored him.”

Although they looked far and wide, the search was cold. Finally, after almost a year, they thought “the worst could have happened”.

Three years later the couple moved to Edinburgh, 128 miles south.

Forbes is found less than two miles from home

Corresponding the daily record, less than two miles from his home in Aberdeen, Forbes, now skinny with “protruding bones,” he appeared in the Ferrier Gardens area. Corresponding Press and magazine, the cat was hiding under a trampoline.

Then SSPCA Animal Rescue Officer Greg Stevenson went to pick up the cat after receiving a call. When he arrived, Forbes was “very friendly”. Better yet, that cat had a microchip, so the officer soon had the cat’s name, address and contact information. Of course, the officer had no way of knowing how old this information was.

First, Stevenson went to Forbes’ address, however nobody was home. Then he called the phone number and with luck it rang. Soon an enthusiastic Stevenson was on the phone with Lucy Henderson, who was initially speechless. After taking a few minutes, she called her husband to tell him the wonderful news.

“Forbes was found less than two miles from his disappearance, although we have no way of knowing where Forbes was all this time or what adventures he might have been on,” said Stevenson.

Forbes the cat

Now everyone was thrilled and amazed to hear that Forbes was going home after a full decade.

You might want to pass by

When Lucy called her husband, he was driving. So she told him he’d better stop.

“My wife called when I was on the freeway and told me to stop. I was completely unprepared for what was about to be told and when I heard that Forbes was found I was completely amazed, “said Mr. Henderson.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Neil immediately turned and went straight home.

Go back in time

The next day, the couple traveled north to Aberdeen and instantly recognized Forbes. It was like going back in time.

“The whole chapter of my life closed; I tried to put it into words; it’s such a strange mixture of nostalgia. ” he said.

“It takes us back to ten years ago when we were in Aberdeen, the job I had then, the things we did, it’s like time is locked when I look at it.

“It’s like one of those dreams where you wake up and think ‘damn’, but it’s the other way around, I keep looking at it and thinking, ‘Forbes, you’re actually in my house’.”

Now the family has a waking dream every time they see their house cat.

Imagine a Forbes adventure

Meanwhile, Lucy Henderson, a teacher, has shared her experience with her students. Now they are going to write stories imagining what the cat was up to.

“The kids are really excited, they’re going to write little stories and things about the Forbes adventures.”

Mr. Henderson also came up with scenarios of what Forbes was up to.

“I don’t think the reality is what I have in my head, I like to imagine him on a sailboat galloping around the world, but he probably just stepped over Aberdeen.”

Otherwise, he says, it’s possible that Forbes, who once liked to nap, took a very long nap, he muses, like some kind of cat Rip Van Winkle.

Forbes sleep

Forbes makes up for the lost time

When they first met in ten years, Neil knew immediately that it was Forbes. It also seemed that the cat probably recognized his father.

“… When he was brought out, I recognized him immediately. Forbes cuddled me a lot, so I hope he remembers us. “

Neil Henderson meets Forbes again

After the incredible reunion, Forbes received veterinary care and was in good health other than exposure to mites and worms. After the treatment, Forbes finally returned home and soon found some of his old habits again.

“Since he came home, he has adopted habits that he used to have. In my younger days, I stayed up late and Forbes came in the room and started looking at me until I turned off the video game I was playing and went to bed, ”said Neil.

Neil and Lucy Henderson with their cat

Then Forbes began making up for lost time and cuddling.

“That was so he could come and snuggle up to me. He’s started doing the same thing again, which is so heartwarming. “

A happy and incredible ending

Today the family has two cats and two dogs, which are slowly introduced to their long-lost cat.

“He stays inside while he gets used to everything and the other animals get used to his smell and vice versa. He explores a new room every day. “

Lucy and Neil Henderson with their cat

A good reminder of the reception of cats

Who knows where Forbes has lived for the past ten years? Since he was so kind, it seems unlikely that the cat was wild all the time. For Stevenson, it’s a reminder that while tempting, it’s often best not to invite a cat if it’s not your own.

“Due to the migratory nature of cats, they may go missing or return to homes where they were previously fed. No matter how tempting it is to invite a cat that is not yours to your home, please do not do so as this can annoy the owners. “

After ten years it is incredible to see such a reunion that the family had only dreamed of. Now Forbes will enjoy his golden years with the people who love him so much.

“We never thought we would see him again,” said Neil. “It’s like a closed chapter has just opened. It’s a dream come true, ”he said the BBC.

What an amazing story and a great reminder that microchips work and cats can sometimes show up long after one might think it possible. Cats are incredibly resourceful. If only we could ask Forbes what he’s been up to all along.

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