Livingston Public Library: Cat: A Resource Guide Celebrating International Cat Day

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August 3, 2021

August 8th is International Cat Day. Let’s celebrate by visiting a cat café, dressing up as a cat, adopting a stray cat, or showing some love and affection to your own cat.

Cute cats – short videos

Kitties – Cute and Funny Cat Videos

5 minutes 56 seconds

A cute baby and a cat – A baby and a cat are extremely fun to play

4 minutes 15 seconds

Life is better with love for cats – cats show the owner their sweet moment combination

9 minutes 53 seconds

CATS will make you laugh

10 minutes 2 seconds

Useful websites

General Cat Behaviors and How To Exercise Your Cat

General cat grooming

Cat health and wellness

50 cat facts you probably didn’t know

Cats – non-fiction books

Cats by Goma Spadafori

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Everything you need to look after your cat Cats are the perfect pets: They are relatively easy to care for, they are fun to play with and their loving nature is sure to win the hearts of every family member – and sometimes a cheeky demeanor! Cats For Dummies gives you expert insight into everything from cat behavior to the specifics of each cat species. With this easy-to-follow guide, you’ll be able to tackle these tough disasters as you cope with problematic behaviors like scratching the furniture and missing the litter box – all while learning to understand what your cat is trying to tell you.

Decipher Your Cat: The Ultimate Experts Explain Common Cat Behavior and How To Prevent or Change Unwanted Behavior from the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists

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The newest, scientifically accurate, and definitive book on the most popular cat behavior problems. Every cat owner has asked themselves: Why is my cat behaving this way? Decoding Your Cat, a comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to deciphering your cat, probably has the answer. Many have tried to teach proper cat training, but this is the first book of its kind to provide an in-depth understanding of the underlying causes of a cat’s problem behaviors, the essential key to unlocking the best for your cat.

NPR Driveway Moments: Cat Tales by NPR Scott Simon

Audio book Book on tape

These NPR stories about the “moment of entry” with our feline friends will keep you purring in your seat. Vicious, mysterious, content, curious and full of poise, these stories reflect the personality of these creatures that live in our homes and hearts.

Baker and Taylor’s Real Dicks: The Library Cats That Pawprinted In A Small Town – And The World by Jan Louch

Audio book To press

It all started when Jan Louch, assistant librarian at Douglas County Public Library in Carson Valley, Nevada, and a staff member bought two Scottish Fold cats to keep mice out of the town’s new library. Jan named the cats Baker and Taylor because the names match the cats’ mild temperament and she dealt with the book distribution on a daily basis. When Jan agreed to let the company photograph the cats for a poster, little did she know that they would become the most famous library cats in the world.

Cat fiction

The Cat and the City by Nick Bradley

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In Tokyo – one of the largest megacities in the world – a stray cat makes its way through the side streets. And on every detour she encounters the apparently disparate life of the city dwellers and connects them in unexpected ways. But the city is changing. It pushes her to the edge, where she happens to meet a number of seemingly strangers – from a homeless person crouching in an abandoned hotel, to a caged hermit who is afraid of leaving his house, to a supermarket employee looking for love. The cat circles the residents of Tokyo and pulls them closer and closer.

catacombs: Barque Cats Series, Book 2 by Anne McCaffrey


The space-traveling Barque Cats are valued members of every ship’s crew because of their special bond with people. Then Pshaw-Ra, a mysterious cat with highly developed knowledge, gives the cats the power of telepathy. When panic over a contagious epidemic drives the government to exterminate animals, Pshaw-Ra leads the cats and people of the spaceship Ranzo to safety on his home planet Mau. But Pshaw-Ra has a hidden agenda. His ultimate goal? Connect the Barque Cats with their godlike counterparts that rule the Mau and create a superior race to conquer the universe.

Undercover Kitty by Sofie Ryan

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The Angels are hired to find out who is sabotaging cat shows in the state. But then shortly before the last competition, one of the volunteers at the cat show is murdered, and Sarah and the angels have to catch a killer with two cat-tail blows!

A whiskey in the dark by Leighann Dobbs

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One of her guests is murdered in the guest house garden. Worried that her guest house will get a reputation for being a place only to be left in a body bag, Josie must use her detective skills to find the killer. Luckily for her, Nero and Marlowe and their gang of detectives are also on the case. From the old quay to the township to the guest house itself with its many rough edges, the cats will sniff out the killer.

-Hongmei, adult services and acquisitions librarian

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