Liverpool pet care firm offers their prime suggestions for completely satisfied and wholesome staycations along with your canine

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Staycations are back.

The government announced yesterday that hotels and B & Bs have been added to self-catering accommodation as they are approved for summer vacation.

So if you fancy a week in Anglesey, a trip to the lakes, or maybe somewhere further afield like Cornwall, it’s time to book your pet friendly getaway.

Our friends at PetExx from Merseyside gave us the opportunity to enjoy a dog friendly stay as lockdown restrictions are slowly being lifted.

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There are many dog-friendly accommodations in the UK where you can enjoy a stay in the UK with your four-legged friends.

Companies like Dog Friendly Cottages and Canine Cottages can help you find the perfect travel destination, whether it’s a beach vacation or a vacation in the beautiful British countryside.

Try to choose a stay that suits both you and your pet.

Your accommodation should be suitable, don’t choose an upstairs vacation rental if your dog has problems together, or a busy holiday park if you have a nervous pooch who doesn’t like much canine company.

A beach vacation is perfect for dogs who love swimming, like spaniels, and anywhere with long walks, it’s great for a lively Labrador.

Check that the local beaches are dog friendly, some not in the summer months, and make sure there are plenty of local restaurants and cafes to bring your pets to eat if you want to eat out. The Beach Guide is a great place to start your research.


The best part about staying in the UK is being able to take your dog for plenty of walks.

The amount of exercise your dog needs will vary from breed to breed.

A large work breed like a retriever needs up to two hours of exercise a day, a Chihuahua more like 20 or 30 minutes. So, plan out vacation walks that are both suitable for your dog and yourself.

Dogs don’t just need exercise; You also need brain training. Game time and games are equally important. So make sure to bring some toys with you on vacation, as well as a puzzle bowl for feeding time if you have a particularly active dog.

Natural joint supplements for dogs are an important part of their diet, especially as they age, so they can exercise and go on vacation.

Additional ingredients like glucosamine, omega-3 fatty acids, turmeric, and green lip clams support joints, reduce inflammation, and keep your best friend healthy and happy.

So don’t forget to pack some natural supplements.

If they develop an obvious limp, consult a veterinarian while you are away. The British Veterinary Association can recommend.

Food and nutrition

Vacation is an opportunity to sit back and relax, and that can lead to us eating different foods and giving up healthy habits.

However, this shouldn’t be the case with your dog.

Remember to take your normal foods and healthy supplements with you when you are on vacation.

If it’s a dog who has an upset stomach from time to time, be sure to pack a stomach settler. However, if he is constantly vomiting or dioarrea, or if you suspect he may have eaten something poisonous, seek advice from a local veterinarian right away.

It’s hard to resist a dog’s hungry expression, especially when you are on vacation with him 24/7. We therefore recommend taking healthy, low-fat delicacies such as fish skin cubes with you. Or, head to a local pet store on arrival to stock your vacation kitchen with healthy pet snacks.

If your dog is dragging his butt across the floor it could indicate problems with the anal gland. Check with your veterinarian and consider adding an easily digestible fiber supplement to your diet. This is available in powder form to sprinkle on your food.

Visit the PetExx website and view the range of products for your pet here.