Lifesaving Lancashire dogs are needed as blood donors

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The charity runs fundraising events in Burnley, Thornton-Cleveleys, Blackburn, and Morecambe and needs happy, healthy, confident dogs to show up as donors.

The animal blood bank is just like the human blood service, but for dogs. Each dog donation can help save the lives of up to four other dogs.

To become a donor, your dog must weigh more than 25 kg, be between one and eight years old, and be fit and healthy. It is also important that they are confident, enjoy meeting new people, and have new experiences as the dogs go to their donation appointment alone while the owners wait outside to minimize the risk during the pandemic.

Donor dog Jack

The donation itself only takes five to 10 minutes, but owners should expect their dogs to be on the team for around 35-40 minutes. A full health check is given, along with treats and a gift.

Like humans, dogs have different blood types and negative blood is in great demand as it can be given to any dog ​​in an emergency. However, since only 30 percent of dogs have this blood type, keeping up with supplies is challenging.

As a result, the Pet Blood Bank also requires certain breeds to report as they are more likely to have his vital blood type. These breeds include German Shepherds (inset), Dobermans, Flat and Curly Coated Retrievers, Greyhounds, Lurchers, Boxers, Old English Sheepdogs, and Weimaraners.