Library hosts Read to a Dog

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Morgan Bedard, 6, was sitting on the carpeted floor in the Jahn Room of the Leavenworth Public Library reading to Angel.

“I like her. She’s fluffy,” said Morgan.

Morgan and many other young children attended the Read to a Dog activity in the library on Wednesday, books in hand.

About a dozen other dogs were in attendance during the event, hosted by the Leavenworth Human Animal Bond Organization.

“Sometimes children feel intimidated reading to an adult,” said Rhonda York, director of the organization. “Sometimes they just feel more comfortable reading to a dog.”

Anderson Peck reads to Milo, who belongs to Jim Iverson.

York said the organization visits many places, including correctional facilities and senior housing centers.

“The dogs give people so much joy,” she says. “Contact with dogs can liberate people emotionally. You can bring a positive emotion into different situations. “

York said every dog ​​is “tempered” before being allowed to join the organization.

Human Animal Bond is a nonprofit service organization staffed by volunteers from the area and their therapy pets, dedicated to providing animal-assisted activities and promoting human-animal bonding, according to a website for the organization.

Naomi and Sasha Mohn visit Buddercup owned by Cindy Lasiter.

Volunteers and their therapy pets visit local hospitals, schools, correctional facilities, health facilities, veterinary service organizations, and recreation centers.

According to the website, research shows that visits with therapy pets can encourage social interaction and lead to stress relief and occasional physical therapy.

For more information about the Leavenworth Human Animal Bond Organization, please visit

The Read to a Dog activity was one of many events hosted by the Leavenworth Public Library as the community slowly recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have a wide range of programs for children, young adults, teenagers, adults and everyone,” said Matt Nojonen, director of Leavenworth Public Library. “And as a meeting point and a cultural and artistic center, libraries play an important role in a community.”