LETTER: Invoice oversimplified the feral cat downside | Opinion

For many of us deeply concerned about feral cat overpopulation, it was evident that Senate Bill 1390, which legalized the capture, neutering, and return of feral cats was an attempt to provide a simple solution to a complex problem Find.

This bill contained only some definitions and statements that cats and TNR volunteers would be exempt from good laws for the protection of pets, wildlife and human health. Solutions to problems of this magnitude and complexity have never been easier, and there are many compelling reasons why SB 1390 was filed.

The Senate discussions lacked well-researched scientific studies that did not conclude that TNR reduces wild cat populations. The bill lacked confirmation that cats have been linked to the extinction of 63 vertebrate species and that cats are the leading cause of human-induced bird mortality.

Your article lacked pictures of TNR cats suffering from disease, predator attacks, lack of medical care, food and shelter. Absent were images of veterinarians and wildlife rehabs struggling to save birds and small animals from mutilation and infection from a cat attack. We would be happy if your publication reports on these topics more objectively.

Fortunately, the Virginia House of Representatives found that this bill did not capture many facets of the issue or the level-headed input of experts. We hope that a better bill can be produced by a variety of professionals who consider all aspects of the feline problem – wildlife, human health and animal welfare.

Terri Cuthriell


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