Learn More About Your Furry Friend With This $48 Dog DNA Test Kit

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DNA My Dog

Want to find out more about your four-legged friend? Whether your pup came from a breeder or you adopted them from a local shelter, knowing more about your dog’s history can help you be a better pet owner. This painless DNA kit for dogs can help you determine what breed your dog (or breeds, if your dog is a mix), which can help you plan for the future. Right now, you can pick up the DNA My Dog Breed identification test for 20% off its already discounted price with coupon code DOGDNA20. That means you’ll pay just $48 now through March 23.

This non-invasive test is one more tool you can use to actively plan for your pup’s health so that you can keep up with anything your dog is predisposed to developing. The process is simple, too. Just collect a sample of your dog’s DNA from its cheek, mail it off, and in two weeks or less you’ll have a report with all the information in it. You’ll get back a certificate of the results, a breed percentage breakdown for your dog and a report on its dominant breeds, personality traits and possible health concerns.