Lawton-Comanche County Humane Society rescues malnourished dog

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LAWTON, Oklahoma (KSWO) – After leaving Scarlet, she was admitted to the Human Society of Lawton, Comanche County for help with community help.

After a Lawton woman found Scarlet, a two year old American Stafford Terrier, in her yard last week, she called the Humane Society in Indiahoma to see if they could take her in, which they happily did.

“We went and got her the next day and she was outside under blankets and all that, but she was just so cold and she was shivering and she could barely walk,” said Cronk.

Dog Rescue Coordinator Marcia Cronk said they had started the process of getting her back to health by taking her to the vet first to make sure she was fine after such a long period of malnutrition.

“Her vet bill was perfectly clear, she had no worms,” ​​said Cronk. “She had no heartworms, nothing. So she was really lucky that after everything that was going on with her, if she had had something like that, she would have had a bad infection, that would have been it for her. “

Now they are focused on feeding, loving, and exercising them, which would not be possible without the huge amount of donations after everyone shared a Facebook post about Scarlet.

“The community has been great. We post something like a dog like Scarlet, we get funds straight away,” said Cronk. “The community supported these animals so much.”

Scarlet will have a home with the Human Society for several months before she can regain 100 percent health.

Aside from being hungry, she also has a skin infection.

“She’s still very, very thin, really skin and bones,” said Cronk. “And she lost a lot of muscle mass. We think because she starved to death and her muscle mass is so low, it is likely affecting her kidneys. So she has a lot to heal. “

If you cannot care for these animals, a donation is always a great help when it comes to basic necessities.


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