Lancaster County Lady Going through Almost 200 Counts Of Animal Neglect After Over 100 Cats Eliminated From Dwelling – CBS Philly

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LITITZ, PA (CBS / CNN) – A 44-year-old Lancaster County woman faces nearly 200 cases of animal neglect after more than 100 cats suffering from various health ailments were removed from her home, according to the Pennsylvania SPCA. Jaime Grow, of the 1100 block on Pine Hill Road in Lititz, was charged Tuesday with nine animal neglect offenses and 187 summary censuses of neglect animals after a total of 107 cats were removed from her home in June 2020.

(Credit: Pennsylvania SPCA)

Grow faces a preliminary hearing on March 16.

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According to the vets who examined them, the animals suffered from respiratory and ear infections, dental diseases, malnutrition, matted fur, and dehydration.

At least one cat had to be euthanized after being found to be blind and “mentally inappropriate”. This is evident from the affidavit filed by Jennifer Nields, a police officer with the Pennsylvania SPCA Humane Society.

Another cat underwent emergency surgery due to a uterine infection, according to an affidavit.

According to the complaint, the SPCA began investigating Grow on June 10, 2020 after receiving an anonymous complaint that it was hoarding animals in its home.

Nields made two unsuccessful attempts to contact Grow at his home and, on both visits, observed multiple cats who appeared to be suffering from eye or breathing problems or showing other signs of neglect, the complaint said.

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On the second visit on June 12, Nields observed 15 to 20 cats sitting around the house as the window curtains were moved by cats jumping up and down from the windowsill, the complaint said.

The SPCA issued a search warrant on Grow on June 16. Nields said the house had a “bad smell” and visible signs of dirt or feces on the walls. The carpet appeared to be stained with cat urine and, according to the complaint, at least two cats were found with litters of kittens in Grow’s bedroom.

Two dead kittens were also found in the bedroom, Nields said in the complaint.

The complaint states that several cats were found with matted fur, bloody or green nasal discharge, eye disorders, malnutrition, dehydration, upper respiratory infections, and other signs of health problems or neglect.

All cats had “dirty, smelly hairdos,” the complaint said.

After the cats were removed from the house, they were taken to the SPCA headquarters in Pennsylvania for veterinary examination, the complaint said.

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