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Wisconsin Governor issues a mask mandate after the GOP terminates the previous appointment

Tony Evers (D), governor of Wisconsin, issued a new nationwide mask mandate Thursday almost immediately after lawmakers voted to repeal his previous order. Why It Matters: Evers’ attempts to fight COVID-19 were pushed back by the Republicans from the start of the pandemic. Even with a new order, the legislature could vote again to lift the mask requirement. Be Smart: Sign Up For The Most Influential Newsletter In America For FREE. What he says: “Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, I have promised never to go into politics with your health, have confidence, and follow experts in science and public health. And never stop doing anything to keep you healthy and to keep it safe. I didn’t break those promises and won’t start today, “Evers said in a video released Thursday afternoon. * He added that his efforts to protect the Wisconsinites were faced with “lawsuits, political rhetoric and obstruction”, citing Thursday’s legislature vote. * “We know that if we work to get vaccines up our arms as soon as possible, no amount of vaccine in the world can bring back the life we ​​will lose if we don’t have a nationwide strategy to contain the spread of COVID -19 in Wisconsin. * “Wearing a mask is the most basic thing we can do to protect one another. Wearing a mask saves lives. Context: According to state data, 5,992 people have died from the virus in Wisconsin so far. Now, coronavirus variants pose new risks. The previous mandate has been in place since August. * Republicans, who control both the state Assembly and Senate, argue that Evers is his Has exceeded authority by extending the mask mandate without legislature approval. * The governor says the unusual circumstances of the pandemic give him the authority to issue such orders. The big picture: Health experts have urged states to accept mask mandates , as the US has 26.6 million cases per Johns Hopkins University. * “Introducing universal masking guidelines can help prevent future bans, especially when combined with other non-pharmaceutical interventions such as social distancing, hand hygiene, and adequate ventilation. “according to the CDC. * Almost 60 Or Organizations, including groups representing Native American tribes, hospitals, schools and businesses, have spoken out against the repeal. * This isn’t the first time Republican lawmakers have challenged Evers attempts to manage the pandemic. Last year, Republican lawmakers persuaded the state’s Supreme Court to overturn its stay at home order. Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to include Governor Evers’ new mandate. Support safe, intelligent, and sensible journalism. Sign up for the Axios newsletter here.