Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Asking for Donations for Healing Road Trip

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Lady Gaga’s dog handler Ryan Fischer seeks help to continue his healing journey after he was shot while walking the singer’s three dogs earlier this year.

Fischer started a GoFundMe with the aim of raising $ 40,000 to help him complete a six-month road trip. He made the application after the van he was driving broke down two months after driving. “A few days ago I said goodbye to Trudy, a virtually reliable 1991 Ford Falcon rental company who drove like a boat in strong winds,” he wrote.

“Alone with me, Trudy, 3 cuddly toys that look like dogs that are very close to my heart, and MUCH too many personal items, we staggered across the US for two months. Sometimes I was scared. I was lonely. I felt left and I had depression, doubts and self-pity for a long time. “

However, the experience helped shed light on a way forward. “All of the time I spent trying to get my body back I now had to devote equally to strengthening my emotional and mental health,” said Fisher. “That understanding helped me formulate what I need for the remainder of this sabbatical: get a van and explore this country as I look for communities that support the process of growing out of trauma.”

He added, “It’s not an easy question to ask, but I’ve started to see that sharing your vulnerability with others begins right when radical changes occur for everyone involved.”

At the time of publication, GoFundMe has raised approximately $ 4,500.

In February, Fischer was shot dead in Los Angeles when two of Gaga’s dogs – Koji and Gustav – were stolen. The “Rain On Me” singer offered a $ 500,000 reward for her safe return and thanked Fisher for protecting her family.

“You’re forever a hero,” she wrote on Instagram after her beloved pets were recovered.

Fischer also thanked Gaga for her support. “I love you and thank you,” he said. Entertainment Weekly reported that doctors had to remove part of Fischer’s lungs, adding that it is widely reported that the hit maker paid Fischer’s medical expenses.

In addition to the physical healing, he was open about the ongoing emotional trauma on Instagram. This is mainly because he has to revisit the moment with strangers who recognize him: “It’s strange to be known for a trauma that I’m still healing from then go away and let me do it all over again to experience.”

Five suspects have been arrested and charged since the attack.

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