Kurt Miller, a Winnetka veterinarian who gave his all for individuals and pets, passes away

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Dr. Kurt Miller was a man for all the right reasons.

Last Tuesday we had to count all the ways he was.

Dr. Miller, 56, a popular North Shore veterinarian with a pachyderm-sized clientele, died suddenly at his home Tuesday.

Despite recovering from COVID-19 late last year, his sudden death was insane.

Known and loved in the community, the man named “Dr. Kurt “has been a maestro in teaching dogs and cats who have snaked his way through his office since opening his own business, Winnetka Animal Hospital, in 2007.

“I’m still crying,” said Marilyn Wirtz, Wife of Blackhawk’s owner Rocky Wirtz, his late beagles Bernie and Queenie pose next to the Stanley Cup in a wall portrait in Dr. Miller’s office.

“He was so special,” she said. “He knew we suffered when our pets suffered. He took care of both us and our pets. ”

To be honest, Dr. Miller also looked after my golden retrievers Marley, Querencia, Zeb, Pip and Tutu together with cats Minou II, the “Terrible Tess” and Calvin the magnificent mouse.

“He ticked all the boxes in the wonderful life category,” he said Francee neighbor, Office worker and friend for 25 years.

“When Kurt was a young vet just starting out, he once drove a sick boxer five hours to a teaching hospital in Missouri where a doctor was able to perform a rare procedure, stayed three days, and drove the client back without asking a dime for his help. “

As a customer, there was always a Tootsie Roll Pop to take you through an office visit. As a patient, there was always an exit for dog treatments.

And if you wanted a little adventure while waiting in his office, Zola The Ball Python was seen in a large box on a back office wall – an act of adoption friendliness when a customer’s young son died.

“Kurt was a diagnostician whose practice was solely about compassion and respect for pets and their important role in people’s lives,” said his wife. Julie, was shared with whose house “Blue” the labrador, “To edit” the new Christmas puppy of the Great Dane and the rescue cat PAWS Chicago with the name “Anabelle ” a kitten with special needs.

“Kurt, who was considering becoming a doctor, chose to become a veterinarian after receiving a scholarship to work in Liberia, West Africa, in the river blindness field, where he helped release chimpanzees that helped develop the Hepatitis C vaccine were used, “said his wife.

“He wanted them to return to the wild instead of being used for new AIDS experiments.”

The couple, parents of the son Nolan, 26, who recently got engaged – and daughter Gracefulness, 21, who is about to graduate from college, recently celebrated her 29th wedding anniversary.

“DR. Miller was real,” said Dr. Bruce Kramer, a member of Miller’s medical staff.

Technical veterinarian Kayla West noticed the special private room in Miller’s office complex designed to facilitate the delivery of difficult messages, ”she said.

“While he was hiring me, he was offering incentives like the office ice cream parlors on Wednesdays and Fridays on Pizza Day. He also liked to cook and feed us. ”

“When he had to close the office for 10 days last December because of COVID, he told us not to worry because we would definitely be paid,” she added.

“It was his way of doing things.”

Thanks for doing it this way, Kurt.

March madness. . .

. . . Chaos style!

In 2018, the beloved 101-year-old chaplain of Loyola University Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt turned the magic of March Madness and cheered the Ramblers men’s basketball team on their historic Final Four run.

This year it’s 15 years old and it’s from Riverside Sam Thomas name what the March Madness could be shot for sure!

  • Translation: Tomas’ 2021 NCAA Men’s Tournament Bracket currently ranks 3rd worldwide in the ESPN Men’s Tournament Challenge.
  • By the way: This puts the basketball-loving teenager in the upper percentile of 99.9999998.
  • Time out: There are seven other people in the same slot who, along with Tomas, take third place.
  • The twist: Tomas’ bracket is a lifelong Spartan fan of Michigan State University and is known as the “MSU Underdog”.
  • The kicker: After the UCLA Bruins made an unlikely run to this year’s Final Four by beating Tomas’ beloved Spartans, his impressive bracket secured third place.

“The reaction was crazy,” explained Tomas.

“I had planned for Michigan to go to the Final Four, but when UCLA beat them, I just stayed with UCLA. I think that was a good idea. “

Sneeze. . .

Saturday birthdays: Eddie Murphy, 60; Alec Baldwin, 63; and Paris jackson, 23 … . Sunday birthdays: Robert Downey Jr., 56; Jill Scott, 49; and David Blaine, 48.