Kristen Bell Adopts Three-Legged Rescue Canine As a result of ‘Who Wants 4 Legs Anyway?’

Kristen Bell expands her family! The actress announced on Instagram that she recently adopted a rescue dog named Whiskey.

She wrote a post about the dog and described its history. Whiskey has three legs. “Before he was rescued, he got into a fight with a truck and lost (one leg), but who needs four legs?” She wrote about the dog’s past before she was adopted: “He and dog brother Frank share my lap (see photo), the girls love him and dad tolerates him lovingly. No more truck stops for you, buddy. Welcome home 💗 ”

Bell shared the post on Instagram. Bell is an animal lover and has previously cared for animals and regularly shares snapshots of her dog, Frank, who was a rescue from the Los Angeles dog café. After Bell’s puppy Barbara passed away, the star spoke about adopting older dogs and how great it is to give them love and comfort at the end of their lives.

Source: Animal Planet / YouTube

Bell isn’t the only celebrity to welcome a new dog. Miley Cyrus recently adopted a dog and Billie Eilish shared her new dog too. Jennifer Aniston, Jon Hamm, Chris Evans and Ariel Winter recently showed off their rescue pups.

We encourage anyone thinking of adopting a pet instead of shopping. Read more resources on Animal Adoption on a Green Planet, including 7 Reasons To Adopt Your Next Furry Best Friend, 5 Reasons Everyone Should Adopt A Pet, and these heartwarming pictures of before and after adopted rescue animals will make your day run! Read about pet adoption tips and what to consider before adopting an animal. We recommend using these apps to find protection dogs near you!

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