‘Kitaria Fables’ Lets You Play as a Sword-Wielding Cat

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Kitaria’s Fables (Image: PR)

What do you get if you take Cats and toss it in a blender with a side of Stardew Valley farming, RPG elements, and maybe a bit of action adventure and exploration like Zelda? You get the very entertaining Kitaria fables.

I was given a free digital copy of Kitaria Fables for review on the Nintendo Switch. The opinions I’ve shared are my own.

Developed by Twin Hearts and published by PQube, Kitaria Fables is a story-driven cat adventure filled with cuteness. From its vibrant art style to its beautiful sounds and melodies, it all got me to scrape deeper than the surface to see what makes this game so incredibly relaxing.

You play the cat named Nyan with your trusty little cute … um! Macaron, a pink berry friend who is your main source for understanding the basics and beginnings of history. The intro tells of a great “misfortune” that devastated the citizens of the country but was driven out. However, it has since returned, creating monsters to terrorize the adorable residents. It is up to you to learn the secrets of combat and magic in order to fulfill your duty to protect everyone.

Pretty typical story, but honestly, you’re a cat with weapons and magic, which completely makes up for the story’s shortcomings. The city is lovely. The characters are all kinds of forest creatures with beautiful art to go with their dialogues. Once you reach the house that serves as your fuse and control point area, it’s time to customize the look of your cat character. More customization options will become available as you unlock armor and accessories.

The fight is relatively easy to learn. You have a sword, you eventually unlock spells and a bow, and you have an evasion mechanic. For many of the early enemies, you’ll spend a lot of time swinging your sword and dodging before you are able to fortify yourself and become a better fighter. If you run into an emergency and find that your health is low, you have a number of collectibles in your inventory that restore health points. The quests are easy to follow, although the map can be confusing at times as there are different areas where you can’t really know where you are until you reopen the map.

One thing about using the map and identifying where you are is the many, many, many loading screens (my biggest criticism of this game). You have small areas to deal with with a few enemies. Once you’ve cleared the location, move forward to see a loading screen and then you’ll be in another small area and have to prepare for another loading screen as you keep moving. Such a design broke the momentum a bit for me as exploring felt like a nuisance knowing that after killing just a few enemies, I had to endure a loading screen before getting to the next location.

What I found so surprising is how wonderful the world music in Kitaria Fables is. As you explore the forest, you are faced with a very quirky, flute-like melody that doesn’t feel repetitive or annoying but goes perfectly with the atmosphere of the game, or the soft melody of a piano when you enter a character’s home and you are driving continue to tell you more about the world around you. The score definitely has to be a highlight of this game for me as it was fun to explore the game and relax.

The RPG elements show up when you meet the handful of store vendors selling any number of items, herbs, weapons, etc. Fight enemies and advance your adventures. When you need a break from the adventure, you can easily spend a lot of time planting seeds and tending an array of crops to produce fruits, vegetables, and flowers. New seeds can be unlocked, along with the ability to own better farming tools. The product can be used for special recipes.

Whether your focus is on adventure or farming (or both), one of the main aspects of Kitaria Fables is to help you make connections with other characters. It’s fun to get to know your neighbors and help them deal with various problems.

Did I also mention that Kitaria Fables has a couch co-op option? While I haven’t been able to explore this side of the game, it’s definitely a welcome addition to an already addicting title.

I honestly believe Kitaria Fables is a cute little gem. And if you’re in between games and want something slower but still rewarding, I would definitely recommend Kitaria Fables. It was released on September 2, 2021 and is digital for $ 19.99 on PS4 / 5, Xbox Series X / S / One, Nintendo Switch, and PC / Steam, and physical on PlayStation and Switch at major US retailers for 39 . $ 99 available.

Author: Micha Carrillo

Micah studies English and digital design. His love of geek culture spans a variety of media and genres. Comics, anime, movies, whatever! He likes video games on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

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