Kind woman nurses a horribly abused and malnourished dog back to health in the Philippines

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Amazing video shows how an abused, mange, and malnourished dog was nursed back to health by its new owner.

When Abigail Corañez, 28, found Norkis, an eight-year-old mongrel, he was living in a cage, terribly neglected, sick and starving.

Norkis’ owner rarely fed him at the time and had allowed the mange to spread all over his body so that he had little more than a few patches of fur.

Abigail saw the pathetic puppy in May and immediately asked its owner if she could take him and look after him.

The owner agreed, so Abigail picked up the scared, skeletal puppy and brought it to her home.

“Its owner was curious why I wanted the dog in the first place, and he said it was going to die soon,” said Abigail, a clothes dealer from Pampanga, Philippines.

In the videos and photos from the early days of Norkis’ adoption he is weakly crawling around and humbly accepting the food, now he has a full coat and a happy smile.

“My partner and I have been rescuing strays for about five years,” says Abigail, who currently looks after 12 dogs and over 40 cats.

“We do a lot.

“On Norkis’ rescue day, I isolated him in a small house next to my house because I wasn’t sure how he would react to our other dogs.

“I was a little nervous about taking care of him.

“I went to the vet and asked what medication to give him and was given medicated shampoo.

“He was isolated for almost a month and I fed him some dry food and vitamins five times a day.

“At that time he had mange and severe malnutrition.”

While it took Norkis some time to warm up to Abigail, the sick puppy softened when he realized she was there to take care of him.

“He was scared of me at first, but only because he was so neglected, he was so thin and weak.

“After I started giving him food, he welcomed me and didn’t bark at me.”

The story goes on

Norkis is now as happy and loving as a puppy and loves to play with Abigail’s pack of happy rescue dogs.

“He adapted very quickly.

“He gets along with my other dogs now that I’ve let him out of this little house.

“He’s still on medication, but he’s so much happier and healthier.”