KHS takes in starving dog with striking similarity to Ethan

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – A severely malnourished dog was brought to the Kentucky Humane Society on Sunday with a striking similarity to Ethan, the dog who nearly died after being dumped freezing and starving outside of the shelter early last year.

A shelter approached KHS about taking in Amos, a senior Boxer mix in poor condition weighing only 38 pounds, the same weight as Ethan when he first arrived at KHS last year. A health weight for a boxer mix is ​​usually between 60 and 70 pounds.

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Once at the KHS clinic, Amos ate small meals prepared by the veterinarians and began receiving IV fluids immediately.

It is believed that Amos is an older dog in need of a lot of attention and care moving forward.

“Being an older guy between the ages of 10-12, we will be running a lot of medical tests and bloodwork on Amos to determine if his emaciation is due to neglect or perhaps a medical condition that is preventing him from gaining weight,” a post on the KHS Facebook page says. “We do not know at this time what is prognosis will be, but he is in good spirits and is enjoying being pampered by our team.”

By Tuesday morning, Amos had already gained a pound and a half.

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“You still see every bone in his body,” a Facebook post said. “He is proving himself to be a bit of a picky eater so we’re cooking him tasty meals to encourage him. … We’ll keep everyone updated on his progress as we work to save his life.”

Donations can be made online or through Facebook for Amos’ care.

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