Kennel Membership offers its backing to accountable dog-walking marketing campaign

NFU Scotland’s dog walking campaign promotes responsible behavior in the Scottish countryside this Easter.

The Kennel Club, the UK’s largest organization devoted to the health, welfare and education of dogs, has supported a Scotland-wide campaign to promote responsible dog walking.

It supports the initiative of the NFU Scotland – using the hashtag #walkieswithoutworries – to promote responsible behavior in the Scottish countryside at Easter.

In a guest blog for the farmers’ union, Dr. Ed Hayes, director of public affairs at the Kennel Club: “Although we know many owners keep their dogs on leashes knowing that livestock is around and so many people are affected by new pets and the lockdown restrictions that Limiting opportunities for adequate socialization, training and education are concerned about the potential negative effects on farm animals, wildlife, dogs and humans.

He adds, “With spring and lambing seasons, it’s also important that owners understand their responsibilities and use reasonable caution when accessing rural areas, especially when livestock are available and their dog is not used to being in the countryside to run.”

According to Dr. Training is key to Hayes – and he says it’s especially important as the UK approaches life after the lockdown. Many people bought a dog for the first time last year and are now planning to adapt. This may include walking a dog in the countryside for the first time and making sure everyone stays safe and has positive experiences.

As he said, “Teaching your dog is important in keeping your dog under control, especially when walking into new areas. Make sure your puppy is also used to walking on a leash before you move him to new areas, especially the countryside.

“It is good practice to keep a dog on a leash around farm animals year round. However, when cattle or horses are hunting you and your dog, it is safer to let your dog off the leash.”

The full blog can be viewed here.

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