‘Kayak’ the cat rescued after being stranded on an island in Bay Metropolis’s Saginaw River

BAY CITY, MI – A lucky cat is safe and dry after being rescued from an unlikely location.

The Humane Society of Bay County (HSBC) said it received a cat rescued from a wooded island in the Saginaw River off the middle distance of Bay City on Wednesday March 24. The cat was originally supposed to be stuck on a social level on the island by affected citizens. A lone kayaker then ventured on a mission to get the stranded cat safely to shore.

“Many community members have come out to help us with this rescue,” said Abby Fauble of HSBC.

HSBC could only provide the first name of the kayaker who came to rescue the cat. ‘Elyssa’ allegedly paddled out to the island in the Saginaw River, and after placing the cat in a cage for safety reasons, she attached the cage to her kayak to take it ashore. The cat is said to have been placed in the care of HSBC and its volunteers, where it was later placed with a caregiver.

Because of the nature of the watery rescue, the cat was called a “kayak”.

Kelly Zube is currently serving as Kayak’s foster parent. Zube said that Kayak is in very good health and that he is a young man who is about six months old. However, he is a little stressed out from his ordeal and she said that he is not the friendliest yet. Fauble added that Zube will work to encourage him to get out of his shell and trust people.

Zube said this water rescue was definitely a first for HSBC.

“We are very happy to have social media for saving animals in need. This was a first, but I’ve seen a lot of posts with cats in trees and tree removal companies coming to their rescue, ”said Zube.

According to Zube and HSBC, there is currently speculation that another cat might be on the island and that a rescue is currently being worked on.

How did Kayak get to the island in the first place? Zube suspects the cat walked on the ice when the river was frozen and stranded during rapid thawing after a recent outbreak of warm weather.

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