Katie the cat stabbed multiple times in knife attack is enjoying life in new home

* Warning – this article contains worrying content and images *

A cat that was stabbed multiple times before being rescued is now enjoying life in its new home.

The RSPCA says Katie the cat was lucky enough to survive the knife attack after sustaining nine stab wounds to the neck and lower body.

The police rescued the injured animal from its attacker, who was suffering from a psychological episode at the time.

The seven-year-old cat took several stings, with the vet saying it was by hand to see if it would get through.

Katie the cat was stabbed nine times in a knife attack. Image credit: RSPCA

For two months, the RSPCA branch in Oldham and Bury took care of Katie while she recovered.

The friendly cat is now housed with Jasmine Dickinson, who lives in Wigan, and can hardly be recognized.

Jasmine, who lives in Wigan, said, “I applied to be the owner and the center told me what she went through and I was even more interested in providing her with a loving home.

“She’s such a lovely cat and she really clung to me – wherever I am, she’s not far away.”

Katie the cat and her new owner Jasmine. Image credit: RSPCA

Jasmine continues: “She loves to sit on my knee and is very affectionate and likes to be caressed – even on her neck, which is still scarred, but is certainly getting better.

“The first time I got her in March you could see some scars, but her fur has grown back nicely and she has put on weight – in fact the vet said she was probably a little too much!

“She seems such a happy and content cat and has been a great addition to my home.”

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