K-State’s Vet Med shelter medicine program set to embark with new mobile clinic

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Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine participates in Everybody Counts event in Manhattan, Kan. on August 7, 2021. (Photo courtesy K-State Marketing & Communications)

K-State’s College of Veterinary Medicine shelter medicine program is branching out with a new community outreach endeavor.

For the past seven years, the program has traveled to smaller community vet clinics to perform mobile surgeries. These mobile surgery clinics have already seen success in other communities.

Shelter Medicine Director Dr. Brad Crauer says they have a new vehicle that is a complete mobile vet clinic.

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Crauer says the purpose is to break down the barriers, with financial access being front and center.

He recognizes that there is a large population of pet owners that are not able to get the care their pets need, and hopes hopes this program will help get the ball rolling.

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The program is partnering with groups here in Manhattan, Topeka, and Kansas City. Crauer says they are just dipping their toes in these markets.

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The focus is on those pet owners who may not have access to care due to a physical location, no knowledge of basic care, or their financial situation.

Crauer says the population they typically see also has issues with access for their own health.

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Crauer says they are trying to raise the bar for care for communities with their pets, as well as for their owners.

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The new mobile clinic is set to embark sometime in May.