K-State College of Veterinary Medicine studying COVID vaccines for Sunset Zoo animals

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July 8 – Scientists and vets at K-State College of Veterinary Medicine are doing research on coronavirus vaccines to see if the shots are safe for animals at Sunset Zoo.

Although scientists are still investigating which animals they can safely vaccinate, Sunset Zoo director Scott Shoemaker said the zoo is considering vaccinating some animals such as big cats and primates. Kansas State provides all veterinary care for the animals in the zoo, Shoemaker said.

“We are pretty happy with our vets and (their) expertise,” he said.

Shoemaker said he wasn’t sure when the research will be completed. He said he knew about other zoos that vaccinate animals, such as the Oakland Zoo in California.

“I hope that our vets have been in contact with all of these vets and that we will get something pretty soon,” Shoemaker said on Wednesday.