JCDecaux backs the Black Dog Institute

JCDecaux announced the Black Dog Institute as its newest major charity partner, with the One Foot Forward campaign going live.

One Foot Forward encourages individuals and businesses to support one in five people who have symptoms of mental illness each year. The event takes place in October during Mental Health Month.

Tess Phillips, Executive General Manager – Government Relations and Corporate Affairs at JCDecaux: “As we all continue to grapple with the effects of the pandemic, mental health is a top priority for the JCDecaux business and our employees.

“This partnership gives us the opportunity to support the critical work of the Black Dog Institute with a dedicated media room to support its major fundraising campaign, One Foot Forward, which raises money for critical mental health research, digital tools, and community programs.”

This announcement follows a soft launch earlier this year in which the Black Dog Institute is promoting its HeadGear app across the JCDecaux Street Furniture network. The campaign saw download rates increase 214% in March and 188% year-over-year in April while activity was active in the market.

Black Dog Institute Senior Manager – Partnerships, Tasman Cassim: “We are excited to partner with JCDecaux’s through their JCDecaux HEART program.

“Without the generosity of organizations like JCDecaux, we would not be able to deliver the valuable evidence-based research that helps us better understand and treat mental illness.

“This support helps us reach more people across the community who are interested in our One Foot Forward program. Together, this will help us raise much-needed funding for our research to develop and deliver evidence-based resources that will help reduce the prevalence and impact of mental illness. “

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