Jack, the particular wants canine, will get outpouring of affection after potential adopter stands him up

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WEST CHESTER, Ohio (KDKA) – An Ohio shelter dog with special needs draws the hearts of animal lovers around the world after being stood up by a prospective adopter.

Sweet little Jack is a 9 month old, 30 pound American bully puppy with spina bifida. He can get around, but his club feet make it difficult and he has to wear a diaper.

Unfortunately, his condition is permanent.

However, the animal rescue service that took him in describes him as the “cutest” boy.

Peaches Bully Rescue in West Chester, Ohio takes care of Jack and tries to make him a home forever. Failed especially after a recent adoption opportunity.

The rescue published the story last Friday and has since reached more than 3 million people.

On their Facebook page, Rescue says Jack was pimped up for the meet and greet date, but the person who inquired about him never showed up.

His care team even had to make a 40-minute drive each way for the meeting.

“Obviously it wasn’t his family,” says Peaches Bully Rescue.

Fortunately, his bathroom, fancy dishes and diaper weren’t completely lost. The rescue says a nice employee from a nearby Cabela store bought him a new toy “to help him forget his experience”.

The post that tells the sad story has started. Peaches Bully Rescue says they have received warm wishes, gifts, and donations for Jack’s care from around the world including Australia, Germany, the UK, Singapore, Puerto Rico and all over the US

The rescue says they have also received more than 600 inquiries and 200 requests about Jack’s adoption.

According to Peaches Bully Rescue, many adopters are concerned that Jack has to wear a diaper. However, they say Jack has already mastered a system, and with proper nutrition and care, it’s not as frightening a situation as it may seem.

Unfortunately, Jack can’t take long walks because of his feet, but he is the best couch potato and loves to play with his toys and people.

The Rescue says Jack is known to get along with other dogs and cats, but the best type of home for him is one where he would be the only pet or one of two.

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