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Like most people who have pets, I love my house cats.

At one time I didn’t think much about the cats I would see roaming around my neighborhood other than hoping they would be safe from predators and cars.

Little did I know there was a problem with wild cats in Chilliwack or that so many little kittens are born and then die each year. Something changed last year. A wild female cat brought not one, but two litters of kittens into our backyard. Within five months this one female cat had 10 kittens. Each of the female kittens, if they had survived outdoors, would have continued to produce three to four litters per year.

This is how the wildcat population is growing.

Imagine your own pet is dirty, hungry, sick, and injured. This is the life of an unkempt wildcat. As caring people, we are responsible for caring for these beautiful animals that we have domesticated and that are no longer cared for in our community.

I am writing to support a request to Chilliwack City Council for a cat statute in our community. Affected citizens and local groups such as FCM Community Cat Trappers urge all pet owners to neuter and neuter their cats and have them identified with a tattoo and / or microchip. There are health benefits for neutered and neutered cats, including preventing pregnancy, especially for cats given outdoor access. By tattooing / microchipping your pet, you will increase the chances of your cat returning home safely if it escapes or is injured.

Visit the FCM Community Cat Trappers Facebook page for a copy of a pre-written charter letter to email or mail to the Chilliwack City office, or submit your own cat charter request to Council @

Jennifer Thomson

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