It is Nationwide Cat Well being Month: Listed here are some ideas

With new pets joining families across the country and National Cat Health Month, this is the perfect time for pet parents to focus on their cats’ wellbeing. PetSmarts Resident Veterinarian and Animal Care Expert, Jennifer Freeman, DVM, provides tips to help your kitten live a happy and healthy life.

# 1: Preventive Care

Almost two in three cats are overweight. Help your cat maintain a healthy weight by feeding them high quality food – which you can find at – in suitable portions. Contact a veterinarian to develop a comprehensive weight management plan for your cat. Feeding healthy treats like Authority® Weight Management Cat Treats can help them achieve and maintain an ideal weight.

Freeman suggests one or two annual vet visits to keep your cat healthy. During these visits, be sure to discuss preventative treatments such as parasite control, vaccinations, and blood tests to help detect disease early or prevent it altogether.

Cats are prone to a common disease called chronic kidney disease. This is the progressive loss of kidney function over time and is most common in older cats. Taking your cat to the vet for regular checkups and blood tests can help identify kidney disease early and improve the chances of finding and treating an underlying cause, or slowing its progression. “Always provide access to fresh water and see a veterinarian if you experience increased thirst and urination in your cat,” Freeman said.

Getting your cat to the vet in the first place can be a challenge in itself, as porters and car rides can be stressful for cats. Freeman suggests developing stress-free methods of introducing your cat to their carrier so that a trip to the vet isn’t a horrific experience for everyone. “Introducing your cat to its carrier days to weeks before a veterinarian visit by keeping your cat outside with treats and encouragement can help ensure your cat doesn’t run away and hide the day of your appointment,” Freeman said. Comfortable carriers like the Sherpa® Original Deluxe Pet Carrier can help cats feel safe while driving.

# 2: fortification

Cats depend on us for enrichment, including attention, affection, and interactive play. “Playing time with people can be the most effective way to improve your cat’s environment,” said Freeman. “Playing with your feline friend helps them exercise those predatory instincts and is great exercise.” Try toys like the Whisker City® laser cat toy to satisfy your cat’s natural instincts for hunting, hunting, and realistic play.

Cats love to climb and be at high altitudes. Consider providing a “scratching post” or other safe vertical climbing structure that they can enjoy with a window for outdoor viewing if possible. The Whisker City® Cozy Inn Cat Tower offers cats multiple levels and comfortable places to sit.

# 3: security

Keep your cat looking stylish and safe with the Whisker City® Breakaway Glitter Cat Collar and an identification tag so your cat can come home if it is lost. Microchips also increase the chances of being reunited with your cat if she is too far from home.

For more cat health tips and products, visit or contact a PetSmart representative.

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