“It is life and loss of life for my brother” Household shares considerations about man whose canine was stolen

A Waynesville area man’s family struggles to find his service dog. Aaron Morris’ family said his car was stolen with his dog on Friday.

“You have to try to get something to eat,” said Ashley Adevai, speaking to her brother on Facebook Messenger.

“I can’t,” replied Morris. “I don’t know if she’s eating.” He is talking about his dog Jolene. “I’ll eat when she gets home.”

Adevai said it was a recording from one of their last conversations.

“I’m sorry, I get emotional if this says anything about how much the dog means to him,” she said.

This is the only way they can communicate after she said his car was stolen with everything he owned, including his phone, medicines and dog.


She said Morris had mental health issues and was now off medication. Her brother is too overwhelmed to speak to News 13.

“It’s life and death for my brother, he doesn’t speak normally,” Adevai said. “I’m very worried about him if the dog doesn’t come back.”

The surveillance video from the Sorrells gas station in the Jonathan Creek Community shows Morris’ light blue Buick Lucerne stopping at the gas station. It also shows a car to the left of Morris’ car.

While Morris is at the gas station, the video shows one of the people in the car getting out to look at Morris’ car. That person is now a person of interest in the Haywood County Sheriff’s Office case.

The video shows Morris returning from the gas station to cross the street to the Dollar General.

Morris’ sister said he ran his car to keep the dog cool and then went to the Dollar General. She said when Morris came out of the store his car was gone.

The surveillance video shows the car leaving the parking lot and driving away.

“I’m a dog lover, have small dogs and I would probably get very upset about that too,” said Michael Sorrells, owner of the Sorrells gas station.

Sorrells said he saw Morris after it happened.


“Very upset, very broken, very worried about his vehicle, but really more about his dog,” he said.

Adevai said Morris’ dog was a cross between lab and pit, wearing a pink collar with a bell.

The Haywood County Sheriff’s Office is encouraging the public to contact them with any information pertaining to the case.

If you have any information, please contact Detective Taylor Yates immediately at 828-356-2907.

Adevai said at this point that Morris just wants the dog back. She said the dog could be returned to Winngray Campground with no questions asked. She said they will not bring charges if the dog is returned. There is also a $ 1,000 reward.

A GoFundMe was also started to help Morris.

Adevai said you can also contact Morris directly through his Facebook site. She said that even if you don’t have any tips, he would appreciate kind words.


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