Istanbul’s wandering dog Boji keeps on moving, even in shelter

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Boji made his fame on Istanbul’s local transport network, but this dog commuter can’t seem to get enough to get around the city. During his stay at an animal shelter in Kemerburgaz in the city, Boji occasionally gets into local employees’ vehicles for a short drive and a routine health check-up.

The dog’s story of passing at least 29 stops in one day using various modes of transport, from ferries to buses, has recently gone viral. Its movements are tracked by a microchip inserted by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB), which is taking care of the stray dog. The community also takes him to the shelter twice a week, where his health is checked and he is cared for.

Despite being a friendly dog, 4-year-old Boji can be stubborn when trying to throw him out of a car, said the shelter’s veterinarian Yalçın Keskin. In fact, Keskin and others have a hard time convincing Boji to leave their car where he comfortably stretches his legs over the front seat.

“He likes to be outside, but we have to keep him here for a while to check his health,” Keskin told the Demirören News Agency (DHA) on Monday. “He likes to travel and is friendly to people. He is a calm animal and also polite. For example, he leaves every vehicle he drives and finds another suitable place when he needs to relieve himself, ”he said.

When the staff at the shelter discovered Boji’s passion for driving in vehicles, they decided to give him regular tours of the shelter complex. “He likes it a lot. In fact, he’s more comfortable with people than with other animals, ”said Keskin.