Iran exports veterinary medicine to 9 countries: official

Deputy Minister Agriculture Minister and Head of Iran’s Veterinary Organization Seyed Mohammad Aghamiri said that “Previously, 9 items of animal medicine were exported to three countries, but now 18 items of that medicine are exported to 9 countries, and of course we are trying to increase the capabilities in this field.”

The head of Iran’s Veterinary Organization added that his organization has supporting the technological production and knowledge-based production of drugs, vaccines and biological products on the agenda in line with the slogan of the current Iranian year of 1401 which is named by the leader of the Revolution the “Year of production, knowledge-based firms and job-creation.”

Currently, in the field of veterinary medicine, 6 knowledge-based products have been registered while 2 knowledge-based products are being registered, and it is hoped that this number will increase this year.

In another part of his speech about the effect of drought on the production of veterinary medicine, he said: “Studies show that in March of last year, compared to the same month of the year before, the consumption of veterinary medicine decreased, which seems to be due to the decrease in livestock population.”

The Iranian deputy agriculture minister added that, “However, there is no need to worry about reduction in the livestock population because the need for red meat is met mostly domestically.” The amount of red meat consumption is 850,000 tons per year, of which 800,000 tons are produced domestically and 50,000 tons of this product are imported,” Aghamiri added.


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