Invoxia announces a Smart Dog Collar for tracking your pet’s health and location

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The intelligent dog collar and the app from Invoxia.

Image: Invoxia

Invoxia already has a healthy line of products that rely on GPS or the helium network to keep track of everyday items. And on Monday, Invoxia announced that the company was expanding its range to include an intelligent dog collar.

Not only does the collar help you track down a lost dog, but Invoxia has also added several functions that monitor multiple health values ​​of your dog.

For example, the Smart Dog Collar can measure the dog’s heart rate and breathing rate. Invoxia uses a range of radar sensors and artificial intelligence to collect the readings. These metrics are then synced to the companion app along with statistics about your dog’s daily activities such as walking, running, scratching, eating, drinking, barking and resting.

The smart collar not only monitors your dog’s health, but can also track their location at any time using a combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and LTE. Invoxia even built a buzzer into the collar so you can make it make a sound if the dog is nearby but you can’t see it.

It will be interesting to see what the battery life is like on the Invoxia Smart Dog Collar. I’ve tested a few collars over the years and battery life has been an issue with all of them. The only exception was the Whistle Switch, which has many of these features – except for heart and breath tracking – and amazing battery life.

Photos of the collar make it look pretty big, but unfortunately I’m not at CES this year and can’t confirm that.

The Invoxia Smart Dog Collar will launch for $ 99 later this summer. There will be a monthly subscription which Invoxia currently estimates will cost $ 12.99 per month.