Interactive Veterinary Market Traits Dashboard Now Obtainable On-Demand From Information Specialists at VetSuccess

The Premium Veterinary Industry Tracker offers trendlines that provide the full picture, monthly and state snapshots of practice receipts and visits, and the ability to export aggregated data to a table for further analysis.

“The veterinary industry is currently undergoing great development,” says VetSuccess CEO Katie McClean. “It is for this reason that we are proud to provide a better insight into the performance of the US practice with the release of the Premium Veterinary Industry Tracker.”

This intuitive, subscription-based dashboard provides quick answers to difficult veterinary questions such as:

  • What was the average revenue per practice in the first quarter of this year compared to last year?
  • Do veterinary practices see more patients coming to spa visits?
  • How are new York Practices Perform Compared To California Practices methods exercises?
  • What percentage of the practice income comes from medication and medication?

According to VetSuccess, vice president of sales and marketing Sheri Gilmartin, CVT, “Access to this caliber of veterinary data is a real change for those who set out to understand the business of veterinary medicine.”

Since 2011, VetSuccess has perfected the art and science of veterinary data analysis, delivering easy-to-understand metrics and apple-to-apple benchmarks for the veterinary profession. VetSuccess’ data experts simplify and normalize complex levels of practice management code into clear, actionable data and metrics.

With the intent of expanding its product offering on in the near future, VetSuccess enables professionals to gain a competitive advantage and go beyond survey results and speculation with reliable, up-to-date data from the animal health industry.

Further information on VetSuccess and the Premium Veterinary Industry Tracker can be found at

About VetSuccess
VetSuccess offers practice performance reports, dashboards and automated marketing solutions for veterinary practices and industrial partners. As the definitive data expert in the industry, VetSuccess makes veterinary data meaningful and converts it into actionable information, metrics and benchmarks. VetSuccess, a subsidiary of Vetsource, harnesses the power of data to help veterinary practices and partners stay ahead of the curve.

Press contact:
Martin Traub-Werner
Founder (VetSuccess)
VP & GM, Data and Platform Technologies (Vetsource)
(866) 408-8554
[email protected]

SOURCE VetSuccess

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