Instagram Star Cat Is Killed In Horror Daylight Assault On Proprietor In NYC Park

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He had torn out his claws after being pulled on his leash.

Instagram star Ponzu has died after his owner was attacked by a group in broad daylight in a New York park.

The cat suffered a heart attack after its claws were torn out during the disturbing argument on Easter Sunday – all trapped on camera, according to the owner.

The three-year-old, who had over 22,000 followers, was a popular sight in town with his siblings: tofu, the dog, mango, the parrot, and kitty kimchi.

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According to his destroyed owner Chanan Aksornnan (AKA boss Bao Bao) they were all on a leash and in their stroller in McCarren Park when a boy suddenly approached him and Ponzu on the leash grabbed the frightened animal along the ground before it tossed him into the air.

Aksornnan and her friend tried to find the fleeing cat, yelled at the child and asked him why he attacked the animal. Then she said the boy ran to his family and the eight attacked them.

Terrible shots of the incident show a crowd of people raving about Aksornnan, pulling their hair to the ground, kicking and punching them; You see a man grabbing tofu by the tail and pulling it too. Even mango was beaten:

In her home country Thai on Facebook, she claims they yelled: “Don’t yell at my child! You have that when you go for a walk with your f —— cat, b —-!” She said her partner was also attacked in the Fracas, which were not disbanded until two bystanders entered.

She said that despite several witnesses, the police were not interested in helping her. She said officers believed the family’s story that the cat first attacked their child. She said she also urged that she stop referring to her pets as her children because they were “property”.

Aksornnan claimed that they had pressed against their pressing charges and warned them that it could be directed against them; she also claims they asked, “Who the hell is walking a cat on a leash anyway?”

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“Not only have the family offered no apology or remorse,” Aksornnan told Greenpointers. “They immediately started verbal abuse that escalated into physical assault. I was hit and kicked by three women.”

Her boyfriend, she said, had broken both his nose and glasses and needed an operation.

But her most devastating injury happened to Ponzu. After catching up with the frightened cat, they found that its claws had been torn from the pull. He died in the park.

TooFab has asked the 94th district for a comment. No arrests have been made yet.

“The incident is currently being investigated by the 94 Precinct Detective Squad. Anyone who witnessed the incident is encouraged to call the 94 Precinct Detective Squad if they have not already done so,” Captain Kathleen E. Fahey told Greenpointers.

On social media, followers are calling for #JusticeForPonzu, and many are calling it a hate crime against its Asian owner.

“We feel robbed. Ponzu was taken away from us too soon. He was only 3 years and 4 months old. We have lost our beloved boy. Mango, tofu and kimchi have lost their brother,” Aksornnan wrote on Instagram.

“He was doing so well and he was so happy to have traveled to the west coast with us just last week. We weren’t prepared for how he left this world.”

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