Instagram Is Losing It Over This Photo Of Martha Stewart’s Cat In A Bowl

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Being Martha Stewart’s cat is a nice job if you can get it. The original lifestyle influencer and good friend of Snoop Doggy Dog is a real animal lover and uncompromisingly takes care of her cat friends Empress Tang and Princess Peony, whose names we did not invent. “They love to be washed, to have nails cut, to wash faces every day, to clean their ears very gently,” Stewart said today of the Persian calico sisters. Stewart goes on to explain that, despite what the cat photo suggests, she also strategically placed Martha Stewart cat beds and soft towels in cozy, sunlit spots around the house.

Those spoiled cats look the part. Stewarts Instagram fans dubbed her “beautiful,” “cutie,” “beauties” or noticed the breed’s “majestic faces and fur”. The ring cat has of course stolen hearts and won heart emojis. Someone said it was a “big bowl of puddy”. And @ karenmarshall2002 said the picture “made my day”.

Despite Stewart’s best efforts, these lovely kittens are known to cause a little mischief. “Persians are a little notorious for being a little reckless,” Stewart said cautiously in a conversation about litter boxes. But lest you worry about the queen of clean cats having rebellious cats who leave thoughtless surprises around the house and monopolize all of their best cooking bowls, don’t worry. Stewart uses odor-eliminating cat litter (aptly called PrettyLitter) that also changes color to keep track of their cats’ health.