Inside Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s wellness-inspired dog house

The interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen has created the “best dog house in the world”. (YuMOVE / Doug Peters / PA Wire)

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen helped create the world’s first wellness-inspired dog house designed to raise awareness of the hidden risks pooches face in their owners’ homes.

To educate Britain’s 12 million dog owners about the little-known ways their homes can damage their dogs’ joints, the interior designer partnered with the nutritional supplement brand YuMOVE to create the “World’s Best Dog House”.

Nearly three quarters (72%) of the dog owners surveyed by YuMOVE said they would redesign their homes to create a more pet-friendly environment for their dogs.

However, only one in five (20%) knows what do-it-yourselfers are good for the health and well-being of their four-legged friends.

Most dog owners thought dog toys (65%), a nice garden (62%), and a blanket (51%) were the most important things in the household.

But while these items are all great additions to a pooch house, they don’t have the health benefits of other lesser-known items.

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The dog house has several simple home improvement jobs that can benefit the long term health and wellbeing of pets. (YuMOVE / Doug Peters / PA Wire)

“Dogs are amazing at being with and in life, and we often don’t realize they’re struggling until they’re in significant discomfort,” explains Hannah Capon, veterinarian and founder of Canine Arthritis Management.

“Quick and easy adjustment at home helps dogs live happier lives while improving their long-term health and wellbeing.”

Capon says there are certain features that any dog ​​home should include to provide the best environment for our four-legged friends, including dog stairs to the sofa or bed, non-slip mats or flooring, a raised or orthopedic bed, and raised food and water bowls.

Other inclusions that help improve dog welfare include slow feeding to control food intake and prevent speed and overeating; a stair gate to avoid unnecessary journeys; and a staircase ramp so your pooch can avoid stairs.

While many pet owners are concerned about making sure their dogs are comfortable at home, very few of those surveyed have ever made home adjustments that have been shown to improve dog health and wellbeing to aid their dogs’ long-term health and wellbeing.

The story goes on

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A dog's food and water intestines should be raised to support their joints.  (YuMOVE / Doug Peters / PA Wire)

A dog’s food and water intestines should be raised to support their joints. (YuMOVE / Doug Peters / PA Wire)

“We know that owners want to do the best for their pets, but some don’t understand the damage a typical home environment can cause to a dog’s joints,” said Dr. John Howie, CEO and founder of Lintbells, the maker of YuMOVE.

“We created the ‘World’s Best Dog House’ to educate owners about hidden dangers in the home while showing them how easy it is to create the best home environment that benefits the long-term health and wellbeing of their beloved pet. “

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What is the secret to the perfect dog house?

Enter Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. As the proud owner of three spaniels – Estella Piglet (12), Dylis Daughter of Gladice (11) and Midge Marriott (4), the TV designer was keen to apply his interior expertise to create the best possible living environment for canine companions.

While LLB brought the flair with an adorable color scheme, bespoke printed wallpaper, and bedding with pictures of his own beloved pooches, he was also interested in highlighting the lesser-known household items that can make a real difference in a dog’s long-term development, happiness and wellbeing.

“My first thought was to focus on the aesthetics, add chandeliers or Italian marble to furnish a stunning dog home,” he explains. “In collaboration with the veterinary experts from YuMOVE, however, we helped design the first wellness-inspired living environment with the single-minded ambition to improve the happiness and health of dogs.”

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Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen's own dogs test the functions in the dog house.  (YuMOVE / Doug Peters / PA Wire)

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s own dogs test the functions in the dog house. (YuMOVE / Doug Peters / PA Wire)

Llewelyn-Bowen says he took inspiration for the look from Italian designer Emilio Pucci while keeping pet welfare on his mind.

“With hand-drawn, bespoke wallpaper with a series of self-portraits of my beloved Stella on the walls and ergonomic bedding,” he continues.

“Gentle, sloping steps lead to the mezzanine level, which is painted with non-slip paint. And to make dinner time more pleasant, raised bowls elegantly decorated in emerald green to match my dog’s eyes complete my masterpiece. “

How to create a wellness-inspired home for your own dog

Introduction of non-slip floors

The entire floor in the dog house was painted with non-slip paint, while non-slip mats, which protect the health of the dog’s joints, were placed in the doggy pad.

Cover your slippery surfaces in high-traffic areas in your own home with non-slip mats.

Set up food and water bowls

Raised food bowls make it easier for your four-legged friend to eat and relieve the joints.

Raising your dog’s food and water bowl to elbow and shoulder height can make meals more comfortable.

The dog house has several simple home improvement jobs that can benefit the long term health and wellbeing of pets. (YuMOVE / Doug Peters / PA Wire)

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Consider an ergonomic bed

The perfect dog bed needs to be big enough for a dog to stretch out. They should also be well padded to protect them from the ground below.

A personalized print is optional, but who doesn’t love a selfie?

Customize your stairs

The staircase in the dog house was a tailor-made design for the dogs from LLB and was characterized by gentle depths and heights that are gentle on the dog’s joints.

Each of the steps has been hand painted with non-slip paint to make it easier to get on and off.

Stairs and steps can be disruptive to a dog’s health and wellbeing, but there are many solutions such as stair gates to prevent access or ramps to make climbing easier.

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