Information in Clarksville: Cat damage, LG jobs, pedestrian deaths and different high tales this week

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CLARKSVILLE, TN – Here’s a look at the major local news from Clarksville Now this week.

Veterinary clinic under fire after employee poked fun at an injury on Snapchat: The employee posted a graphic picture of the cat with the injured tongue and the caption: “Your bad attitude failed.” CONTINUE READING

Homeless in Clarksville: A three-part Clarksville Now series that explores what can be done to get people off the streets.

LG Electronics creates 300 new jobs and brings a total of over 1,000: The Korea-based company plans to increase production at its local facility by investing an additional $ 20.5 million to add another relocation for manufacturing. CONTINUE READING

Hispanic Veteran With PTSD Sues Montgomery County After Being Dismissed From Sheriff’s Office: He said he was fired after asking for a transfer after a workplace wreck that triggered his PTSD symptoms. CONTINUE READING

The County Commission rejects the Millard House increase and sends the proposal back to the school board: The proposed changes will be sent back for re-examination, after which they will be sent back to the Commission for re-vote. CONTINUE READING

Fort Campbell artillery training creates days of big booms: Live artillery fire drills, compounded by a drop in cloud cover, have resulted in unusually noisy neighbors over the past week. CONTINUE READING

District mayoral candidate Wes Golden explains the arrest of the 2002 attack: According to Clarksville Now court records, Golden was arrested on March 4, 2002 on a warrant for serious domestic violence. CONTINUE READING

So far this year 5 pedestrians have been killed in wrecks: As more shops are open and more drivers and pedestrians are around, the number of pedestrian deaths has increased, with the most recent fatality being recorded on Fort Campbell Boulevard on Monday. CONTINUE READING

The library director gives a glimpse into the future North Clarksville office: The office to be built on Jordan Road was suspended last year amid concerns about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. CONTINUE READING

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