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People for Cats is still officially closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we have conducted reduced-contact adoptions by appointment. Cats available for adoption are advertised on Petfinder and our Facebook page. Potential adopters should contact us through Petfinder. You will be given a short questionnaire to determine if you are a good match for the cat. If you are a match we will follow up with a phone interview and hopefully a meet and greet appointment to see the cat at the shelter. All COVID guidelines are followed.

Part of People for Cats’ original mission was to reduce the local population of stray cats. We have worked very successfully to reduce strays, but they still make up a significant percentage of the cats that come into our care.

Stray cats fall into three categories: Ferals, lost cats, and abandoned cats. Wild cats have never been socialized and do not want contact with humans. While we are content to let them live their lives in the wild, we don’t want their populations to explode from unrestrained breeding. So we practice the nationwide TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) program, in which wild cats are caught, neutered or neutered and returned to their surroundings. One ear of these cats is tilted to show that they do not need to be recaptured. When the females are pregnant or have a litter, we socialize with their kittens and find adoptive homes for them.

Lost cats are usually well socialized and often show up in someone’s home. Occasionally, the owner of the cat will allow the cat to roam freely, but many are house cats that accidentally got out of their homes. We always advertise stray cats that come to PFC and scan them for a microchip. If the cat has a microchip and the contact information is up to date, we will quickly bring them back together with their owner. If, after two weeks of advertising on numerous websites and in the newspaper, no strays are reported and social media and posters near where the cat was found are searched, we take the cat to the vet and find it home as “forever”.

Abandoned cats are often socialized cats that are left behind when a family moves. either abandoned in homes, in the neighborhood, or in the wild. Often they are reported to us by neighbors or a new tenant on the property. While we cannot always differentiate between lost cats and abandoned cats, abandoned cats tend to be in poorer health. Once they have been nursed back to health, they often make the most loving and loyal pets.

Our cat of the week is a bonded pair of black beauties by the name of daisy and Rosie They were strays who were rescued from a train station in the south. These sisters are around 2 years old and still quite shy. Daisy has fluffy long-haired fur with some brownish undertones, and Rosie has glossy ebony short-haired fur. They are still getting used to being with new people right now, but their previous foster parents reported that they are very cute when they settle into their home. Penelope is also still looking for her “furry” home. This little black and white cutie is independent and is looking for a home without dogs or small children.

We recently added several new cats and are still reviewing them. They will be available for adoption shortly. So keep checking out Petfinder and our Facebook page.

The PFC shelter is located at 44 Beagle Lane, Teaticket. Our mailing address is PO Box 422, West Falmouth, MA 02574.

If you would like to get in contact with us, call our hotline at 508-540-5654. Press # 0 for cat-related issues, volunteering questions, or additional information on People for Cats. Press number 2 for help from our Veterinary Care Assistance Fund, which provides financial assistance for veterinary care and spay / neuter for qualified Bourne, Falmouth and Mashpee residents. Press # 3 when you need to hand in a cat or kitten. All calls will be returned as soon as possible.

All for the love of cats …

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