Indicators It’s Time to Take Your Cat to the Vet

Discomfort and pain

A common problem in cats, especially as they age, is orthopedic pain. “In a study from 2009, 100 house cats were examined over six years, in which all important joints (e.g. shoulders, knees, elbows, etc.) were x-rayed. Sixty-one percent of the cats had significant osteoarthritis in one of their major joints, ”says Dr. DeWire. Unfortunately, it’s so common that it can be difficult to spot. “As your cat gets older, the chances are it will deal with orthopedic pain and hide it from you,” he explains. If you see any obvious signs that your cat is in pain, this may be arthritis to blame. But even if you don’t, it should be brought up during regular veterinary checkups. “Ask your vet for recommendations on common nutritional supplements to help your cat’s orthopedic health as it ages,” explains Dr. DeWire. He adds that if your cat is overweight, he is at a higher risk of such problems: “Work with your veterinarian to get your cat’s weight within the optimal range.”

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