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Crossroads Veterinary Conference, virtual February 4-6 and February 9-11

The meeting drew more than 375 participants. 29 hours of virtual training and a wellness track were offered. The awards were presented during the general meeting on February 3rd.


Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. Greg Kurtz (Purdue ’82), Hagerstown, for cumulative services and benefits that benefit the veterinary profession, organized veterinary medicine, and the community. Dr. Kurtz is a veterinarian and co-owner of the Kurtz Veterinary Clinic in Hagerstown. He is particularly interested in the reproduction of cattle and the health of dairy herds. Dr. Kurtz is a member of the IVMA Board of Directors and a member of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners and Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council.

Presidential award
Dr. Dana Conner (Purdue ’84), Indianapolis, for exceptional contributions to the club. Dr. Conner has practiced her entire career in central Indiana. She recently took part in the task force to review the IVMA Practice Act 2020.

Volunteer of the year
Dr. Jerry Risser (Texas A&M ’92), McCordsville, for leading or serving on any of the club’s projects or programs. Dr. Risser owns the Fall Creek Veterinary Medical Center in McCordsville. As the former President of the IVMA, he headed the task force to review the IVMA Practice Act 2020.

Performance price
Dr. Jalen King (Purdue ’19), LaGrange, won this award to an IVMA member who has graduated in the past five years and has performed excellence in veterinary research, civic activity, science, or organized veterinary medicine. Dr. King practices mixed veterinary medicine at LaGrange. He was a leader in his community and helped those in need.


Dr. Hilary Christner, LaGrange, President; Dr. Aaron Johnson, Fishers, President-elect; Dr. Kyle Shipman, Indianapolis, Treasurer; Dr. Aaron Smiley, Noblesville, past president; and Lisa A. Perius, Indianapolis, general manager

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