India: woman announces Rs 30,000 cash reward for info on her missing cat

Hyderabad: A Hyderabad cat owner on Tuesday announced a reward of Rs 30,000 (Dh 1,477) for anyone who provides information about their cat that went missing at a veterinary clinic last month.

Serina Natto, the owner of the missing cat, ‘Ginger’, said she admitted her 8-month-old cat to a veterinary clinic when she fell ill following family planning surgery.

“The cat underwent family panning surgery on June 17th at a veterinary clinic. After the operation, the swelling at the stab site was observed and was re-admitted to the same veterinary clinic on June 23rd,” said Natto.

On June 24, doctors told Natto that her cat was missing.

The woman alleged that the police had refused to report the matter.

“I tried to file a complaint with the Raidurgam Police Station about this, but the police denied the complaint,” she added.

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