In the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, students satisfied with the return to classes – El Heraldo de Chiapas

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face-to-face classes at the Autonomous University of Chiapas they came back a couple of weeks ago so the students once again begin to resume the rhythm of receiving information without the need for an electronic device in between, for the students of the Zootechnics faculty this has not been anything complicated to assimilate because workshops have been held where combine the two forms of teaching (virtual and face-to-face) so that they take the rhythm and can be as comfortable as possible in the classroom.

This week is active zootechnical science lecture workshop where the students have received talks from experts in the field and after the talks they begin to use the knowledge acquired, for which this new teaching system has fallen like a glove for all the students since they come practically from being two years away from execution and could only learn theory.

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This Tuesday the second day of presentations was held where they received the teacher Jonathan Agredo Palechor, who is an expert in the field and who presented his topic to the more than 30 students who attended the talk, while others who were virtually at the conference. Among the comments that were made, all were positive because most of them are happy with this new return to the classroom and in the most didactic way of learning the topics.

It should be noted that the workshop will continue with two more days for which it will end next Thursday, March 3; Students will once again be able to choose where to take the course in order to maintain peace of mind and thus ensure that they will only worry about their studies in the face of this new start of the 2022 cycle.